Paw Paw’s Song: My First Single

My Paw Paw sitting in a chair under a tree. Paw Paw was the man who made me a man. Josh Davis Paw Paw's Song. Josh. Josh Davis Music

Hey everyone Josh here. Wanted to talk about Paw Paw’s Song a minute

I am currently working on my first Single, called Paw Paw’s Song.

This song will take you back to riding with your Paw Paw in an old Pick Up Truck. Back to when times were simpler and not moving so fast. Paw Paw’s song is about the Godly life and legacy left by my Paw Paw, (Grandfather) Elmer Davis. He was a pastor, school teacher, father, husband, and combat veteran. Paw Paw served in the Korean War and was in the Battle of the Pusan Perimeter, some of the most intense fighting. He never talked about this with me until after I returned from my second and third combat deployment, and most of those things he told me as a fellow combat veteran, I will never share.

I enjoyed a unique and very close relationship with him. The single most important thing in his life was his faith and relationship with God. Out of this relationship he was able to be the husband, father, and grandfather we all knew. He was more like Yeshua (Jesus) than any other man I’ve ever known. Paw Paw’s song is about Godly men standing and passing on the truths of the Bible. It’s also about Men becoming a Man that can handle adversity and provide for families and raise our children. This song is a balance between tradition and modern, symbolizing the need to be relevant to our society, yet still standing on the time tested principle of faith.

Not everyone has a positive and Godly masculine influence in their life. The combination of strength tempered with gentleness when appropriate, will create a solid masculine role model. Only a life lived as Yeshua modeled in the complete combination of all of his traits that will succeed. Far too many people use religion to create more toxicity and strife. We have far too much of that and we have to show people true love and true masculine strength. Paw Paw’s song is the call to stand up as men of faith and lead the way to the cross, and truly model a life of which Yeshua would approve.

Stay tuned for more and watch for release dates.

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