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Josh Davis debuted in Feb of 2022 with his popular single, “Paw Paw’s Song.” Josh went on to release “Heartbeat,” “The Other Side of Goodbye,” and “I Don’t Miss You Anymore”, and “Whiskey Dreams” among others. The songs Josh released have touched people very deeply. Paw Paw’s Song helped people remember a generation that has passed on, and the power of Godly men to influence people’s lives for the better. Some people have expressed their desire to have “The Other Side of Goodbye” played at their own funeral. Other people have related to the song “Heartbeat” and have used it at weddings and to reconcile relationships.  Leper’s call is an outlaw country anthem, and it is sure to touch many lives around us.

Josh Davis: Outlaw Country

Looking for Country Music that just hits differently? Josh Davis is part of a new genre of outlaw country music artists. His soulful and transparent lyrics and baritone voice combine to form a musical experience, designed to take the listener on a journey to simpler times. Josh Davis Music blends an old style of outlaw country music with new and modern sounds. The result is great music that takes you away from the cares and concerns of the immediate world into a simpler time.

Country Music with Great Lyrics?

Josh Davis is a disabled veteran using country music to overcome PTSD/TBI. Josh started playing music at age 7 and performing at age 12. He has a heavily blues-influenced background, which surfaces with soul-touching lyrics. Josh was the drummer of a Hard Rock Band Death Row Pardon, a Christian rock band in the late ’90s. Josh now plays outlaw gospel and country music . Josh is currently releasing his first studio recorded single titled “Paw Paw’s Song” due out in Feb of 2022. Josh is a veteran of both the US Marine Corps and The Army. He is the father to six awesome children.

Josh Davis latest release:

Josh Davis' upcoming outlaw Country Music song is set for release on March 4th.
The Whiskey, Her Memory, and Me. Set for release on March the 4th.

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What happens when the best memories of your life also involve the greatest heartbreak of your life? Josh Davis’ Outlaw Country Song, “The Whiskey, Her Memory and Me” is set to release March 3rd 2023. Streaming everywhere, your not going to want to miss this one! If you are interested in booking Josh Davis please refer to:

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