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Music for The Soul

Josh Davis: A Journey Through Music and Resilience

Josh Davis, a combat disabled veteran, has found solace and healing in the power of music. Through his captivating blend of outlaw and classic country music, he has embarked on a remarkable journey of overcoming PTSD/TBI, using his soulful and transparent lyrics and his resonant baritone voice to create a musical experience like no other.

From the moment his voice reaches your ears, Josh’s songs transport you to a simpler time, inviting you to explore the depths of his emotions and experiences. Songwriting has become his vessel for mindfulness, allowing him to confront and conquer his traumas while navigating the complexities of loss. His musical journey began at the tender age of 7 when he first discovered his love for the art form. By the age of 12, he had already taken to the stage, sharing his heartfelt performances with eager audiences.

Josh’s musical roots lie in the blues, which profoundly influences his compositions. His lyrics possess an ethereal quality, capable of touching the very depths of one’s soul. In the late ’90s, he showcased his skills as the drummer for Death Row Pardon, a Christian Hard-Rock band. However, his artistic evolution eventually led him to the realm of country music, where he seamlessly blends the old and new, infusing classic sounds with modern elements. The result is a harmonious tapestry that carries you away from the worries and concerns of the present, immersing you in a world reminiscent of simpler times.

In February of 2022, Josh Davis unveiled his first studio-recorded single, “Paw Paw’s Song,” which served as a poignant introduction to his blossoming career as a solo artist. Since then, he has continued to captivate audiences with a series of heartfelt releases, including “Heartbeat,” “The Other Side of Goodbye,” “I Don’t Miss You Anymore,” “Leper’s Call,” “Cowboy Boots and Angels,” “Wanderer,” “Whiskey Dreams,” “The Whiskey, Her Memory, and Me,” and “Us.”

As a testament to his unwavering dedication to his craft, Josh recently completed the recording of his latest single, “The End of Us,” in June of 2023. Set to release in the summer of the same year, this upcoming track promises to further showcase his artistic growth and emotional depth, providing a heartfelt journey that resonates with listeners far and wide.

Through his music, Josh Davis is not only defying the challenges of his past but also forging a path for others to find solace and strength in the transformative power of melodies and lyrics. With each heartfelt note, he continues to inspire and connect with audiences, reminding us all of the resilience of the human spirit.

Sadr City, Iraq 2009. Source Army PAO
Me and my boys. (left to right) Noah. Judah (in my arms), Troy and Caleb.

Sadr City, Iraq 2009 Source Army PAO
Me and my daughter, Cheyenne. She is a developing singer-songwriter
SSG Marion Elmer Davis US Army Combat Veteran Korean War
My service dog Charlie. He has given my life back and enabled me to soar to new heights.


Josh is a father to six children: Dylan, Cheyenne, Troy, Caleb, Noah, and Judah. Dylan is on Active Duty with the US Army. Cheyenne plays guitar and writes songs related to her life experiences and challenges. Troy has a great talent for building and design and likes cars. The younger boys are very active and curious about everything.


Josh joined the US Marine Corps in 1997 as an Infantryman. He served from 1997 until 2004 with the 3rd Force Recon Marine Reserves. After completing college Josh accepted a commission as an Active Duty Infantry Officer. Josh Medically retired in 2017, due to injuries sustained in combat.


To use country music to help combat veterans as well as all others, cope with trauma and loss.